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Intel Debuts Its latest 14nm FPGA chip- Stratix 10

By Korbin Lan
Published: Aug 19,2016

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich displays the ISDF audience an Intel-branded 14nm Stratix 10 FPGA

At its IDF 2016 yesterday, Intel for the first time set up a section to address its FPGA products strategy and showcase the latest 14nm Tri-Gate process FPGA chip- Stratix 10.

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that Intel will keep investing in two growing FPGA business, new FPGA and SoC FPGA product roadmaps, and continuing to provide the service and support that customers have come to expect from Altera.

Intel stated that the company will continue FPGA development for small systems, constrained but performance-critical systems and ultimate-performance environments – small, medium and large. And Intel will target these systems with stand-alone FPGAs, system-in-package solutions that tightly couple FPGAs with CPUs and monolithic SoC FPGAs that integrate both ARM and IA worlds.

For showing their achievement of FPGA technology, Brian displayed the latest FPGA from Intel, Stratix 10, based on Intel’s 14nm Tri-Gate process.

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