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AUO Completes Taiwan’s Largest Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Published: Mar 23,2017

Michael Tsai, AUO’s President & COO(right), and TY Lin, AUO’s Senior Associate Vice President of Solar Business Group(left). (source:AUO)

Hsinchu, Taiwan – AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) today announced that it has completed a solar power plant at the Company’s Lungke site. The plant took less than a year for planning, construction, and was grid-connected on December 24, 2016, making it Taiwan’s largest rooftop solar power plant project that again demonstrated AUO’s all-round capabilities to build utility-scale solar power plants and exceptional execution capacity.

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The solar power plant at AUO's Lungke site is situated on the rooftop of two TFT-LCD fabs, stretching a module installation area of 8.5 hectares with total capacity of 9.87MW. AUO received the utility power plant application permit for the Lungke solar power plant in February, 2016.The Company then leveraged its profound experience in the planning and building of solar power plants to have finished the project’s development, construction and grid connection within a year.

AUO overcame construction difficulties on top of the high-tech fabs. In order not to affect the existing rooftop structure and production lines working underneath, AUO performed on-site mold casting and 50 meters high altitude operation. Aside from strictly controlling vibrations during construction, the project was designed to withstand peak gusts of up to scale 17, surpassing industry standard and construction code requirements in its structural design.

Approximately 30,000 kWh of electricity is generated each day, equivalent to the amount of electricity sufficient for 3,000 households. It is estimated that 5,780 tons of carbon emissions are reduced annually due to its power generation, the equivalent effect of the afforestation of 1.5 New York City's Central Park.

"As global energy shortage becomes more and more severe, renewable energies, such as solar power, have gained growing attention among countries. In Taiwan where there is energy shortage, renewable energies are especially critical in the pursuit of sustainable development" said Michael Tsai, AUO’s President & Chief Operating Officer.

"AUO has engaged itself in the green energy industry since 2008. We are capable of providing not only solar solutions with high reliability and quality, but also all-round capabilities to develop, operate and maintain solar power plants. We are also very familiar with current policies and regulations, which enable us to establish a complete knowledge base and ecosystem for power plant building, heading the industry with rich pragmatic experience. We are truly the most trustworthy utility-scale solar power plant professional.”

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