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Lextar Introduces Hi-power and Outdoor LED Products

Published: Mar 29,2018

LED vertical integration manufacturer Lextar Electronics will release its series of hi-power light module products suitable for outdoor and architecture lighting applications. Lextar provides integrated technology from LED components, modules, and light engines to optical lens design, demonstrating its technological capability in a series of hi-power products for the first time. In addition, it will also publicly demonstrate IR sensor modules used on 3D image recognition and LEDs for automotive lighting.

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Lextar expanded the applied fields for light modules and released its series of hi-power product lineup, including components and modules such as the 3030, 5050, and 3535 emitters and others.

Its hi-power modules all undergo the manufacturing process of conformal coating, which largely enhances their reliability in order to suit the high quality demands of Europe and the USA markets. Lextar’s hi-power products can be used for patio lamps, streetlights, stage lights, outdoor architecture lighting and others. Its product line has expanded from LED components to Level 2 light boards and Level 3 light engines, thus providing an optical-mechanical-electrical integrated design service.

Moreover, Lextar has had outstanding performance in topics such as "efficiency", "color", "voltage", and "appearance". Regarding efficiency, it has released a series of high efficiency LED lineup of above 200 lm/W. Regarding color, it has once again shown its well-kwown Solar White technology that reaches 97 CRI and has released RGB packaging applied on agriculture and architecture lighting.

Regarding voltage, it has released COB product series that uses self-manufactured high voltage chips that make 270V voltage possible, thus stressing its outstanding light quality and excellent price-performance ratio. Regarding its appearance, it has released flexible LED light bars for ultra-slim panel lights which could minimize the luminair thickness to 4mm in coordination with a unique light guide design, thus providing luminair designers with more imagination in design possibility.

This is also the first time Lextar has exhibited IR sensor modules applied with 3D image recognition. Since the release of the PR88 series last year after which it could be applied to both iris and facial recognition, VCSEL sensor components have been further released this year. It will reach more advanced quality in its precision and distance and will be able to carry out facial recognition along with software systems. Besides an surveillance system, it will also be able to be used with various LiDAR.

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