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Lextar Announces ADB Automotive Headlight Module

Published: May 10,2018

LED vertical integration manufacturer Lextar Electronics will release its adaptive driving beam (ADB) LED headlight module system. In coordination with CCD module, it can detect oncoming cars and dynamically adjust the beam pattern, creating a future new trend for LED automotive headlights.

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Market research points out that the current market occupancy of ADB headlights will increase rapidly from current less than 1% in the global vehicle market to 15% in 2025. Lextar takes the initiative in smart headlights by investing in technological R&D and will demonstrate its achievement to the public.

Lextar’s ADB smart headlight module is equipped with 64 matrix arranged in-house chip scale package (CSP). It utilizes self-manufactured hi-power chips in coordination with optical design and CCD lens module, enabling it to detect oncoming and preceding cars and dynamically adjust the range of high beam and low beam, to prevent oncoming car drivers from being interfered by the light. This can highly enhance driving safety and eliminate the need to manually switch from high to low beams when driving at night.

The whole series of LED packaging components have passed the quality certification of AEC-Q102 and use Sulphur-resistant materials in order to provide customers with high quality and reliability. Module series can be customized according to customer’s demand and customized shaped light boards and optical lens can be made according to different cars.

Moreover, the application of LED is further expanded to panel and sensor application besides vehicle lighting. Among them, Lextar’s VCSEL sensor module demonstrates anti-doze application, in which the camera and software can conduct 3D detection when drivers close their eyes, nod, yawn and have other actions.

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