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Purchasing Rankings: Taiwanese Shoppers Like Robot Vacuum Cleaners Best

By 潋扲湩䰠湡
Published: Jun 10,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Institute for Information Industry (III) Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) conducted a survey of online shopping by netizens and then carried out an analysis of smart home purchases. The survey revealed that when purchasing smart home electronics, netizens primarily bought small-sized smart home appliances, with as many as 61% of netizens having purchased small-sized smart home appliances and 39.1% having bought large-sized smart home appliances. The top three ranking products were robot vacuum cleaners, surveillance cameras, and smart lights/bulbs.

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Senior Industry Analyst/Program Manager Rosa Chang stated that small-sized smart home appliances have lower unit prices and are lightweight; furthermore, driven by factors such as popular fashion and early adopters, the sales volume is higher for these products than for large-sized smart home appliances. According to the survey, in the ranking of smart home appliance purchases by netizens, the top five products were robot vacuum cleaners (32.7%), surveillance cameras (18.3%), smart lights/bulbs (15.4%), air cleaners/quality sensors (15%), electronic locks/smart locks (8.1%), and smart speakers (8.1%).

According to the III MIC study, within the rankings of small-sized smart home appliance purchases by netizens, robot vacuum cleaners held the top position. Meanwhile, smart speakers only ranked fifth, and there was a sizable difference in popularity between the two types of products, which revealed that in Taiwan products are experiencing varying hot and cold degrees of reception on the industry end and market end respectively.

Nevertheless, the industry continues to have an optimistic outlook for smart speakers, and in terms of consumers’ purchasing preferences for smart speakers, the top five ranking products are Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker (55.8%), Google Home (38.4%), Apple Home Pod (12.8%), Far EasTone Smart Speakers (9.3%), Line Clova, and Amazon Echo (7%).

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