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AUO to Showcase Its New Mini LED Backlight Digital Cockpit Solutions for Smart Vehicle User Interfac

Published: Jan 06,2020

AUO to Showcase Its New Mini LED Backlight Digital Cockpit Solutions for Smart Vehicle User Interfac. (source: AUO)

HSINCHU, Taiwan – AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) today announced its participation to CES 2020 from January 7 to 10, presenting its latest display technologies and applications that are transforming smart and connected vehicles, and facilitating ultimate user experience at home, at work and on the go.

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Exhibit highlights include essential technologies to realize a full digital cockpit: direct bonding lamination of multiple large-sized curved panels, mini LED backlight with optimal HDR performance, in-cell touch solution with touch and display driver IC integration for thinner structure, plus through-hole design in the display active area to install knobs and buttons for more intuitive user experience.

In addition, next-generation cluster display technologies including the world’s largest 12.1-inch TFT driven full-color micro LED display, 12.3-inch dual-cell curved LCD with pixel-by-pixel local dimming, and 12.3-inch LTPS display showing images with real 3D depth for vivid close-up view and more intuitive driving experience.

In terms of premium display applications for smart home, gaming, and personal wearables, AUO will present various leading technologies such as 8K4K ultra high resolution for home entertainment, advanced HDR with mini LED backlight for gaming, and advanced AMOLED technologies such as smartwatch panel with the world’s slimmest 2mm case border, a central through-hole design to place authentic watch hands, ultra low power consumption with low frame rate, and true circle AMOLED with NFC module embedded to support data transaction for diverse systems.

Pioneering Vehicle Display Technologies Taking Smart Mobility to the Next Level

The new smart landscape formed thanks to 5G and AIoT have prompted vehicles to evolve to become people’s third most important space next to home and office. As such, advancements of the digital cockpit have become the center of smart vehicle technology.

AUO’s freeform cockpit display features high resolution, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, and direct bonding lamination of multiple panels to form an ultra large cockpit display set, seamlessly joining curved mini LED cluster, CID with in-cell touch and through-hole design in the display active area, and curved panel with AHVA wide viewing angle in the passenger seat altogether. To enhance driving safety and convenience, AUO’s 9.6-inch freeform LTPS display for rear-view mirror bears ultra slim border, and operates on switchable mirror and LCD modes with anti-glare design to reduce headlight glare at nighttime.

Looking into the future, AUO has leading edge next generation technologies to offer, including the ultimate cluster as demonstrated by the industry’s first and largest(*)12.1-inch full color TFT driven micro LED display, with micro LEDs less than 30um in size to light each pixel independently, reaching an impressive pixel density of 169 PPI with high dynamic range to enable crucial driving data to be presented in a crisp and clear way.

The 12.3-inch dual cell pixel dimming curved display allows for adjustable luminance with direct-lit backlight and offers exceptional true black contrast ratio of over 100,000:1 to achieve optimal HDR effect. The 12.3-inch LTPS display demonstrates high resolution (2400 x 900) images with real 3D depth, rendering the cluster with a vivid look and adding a new degree of freedom to driving with more intuitive experience.

High Performance Premium Displays Revolutionizing Smart Living

Leading display techs will also be showcased for smart home, gaming and personal wearables, as demonstrated by AUO’s 85-inch 8K bezel-less ALCD TV display possessing advanced HDR technology with over 1,000 dimming zones for strengthened local dimming effect and most optimized colors, contrast, and details.

AUO’s high-end mini LED display lineup for gaming applications will also be presented, including the 65-inch 4K large sized gaming display offering 144Hz high refresh rate, over 1,000 local dimming zones and 2,500 nits peak brightness. The 17.3-inch 4K LTPS gaming notebook PC display meets the highest level of VESA DisplayHDR1000 and is only 3.5 mm thick, making it extremely effortless for gamers to carry around.

In terms of personal wearables, AUO will showcase 1.2-inch AMOLED panel with the world’s slimmest case border of less than 2mm and a central through-hole design to place authentic watch hands, and another 1.2-inch panel boasting ultra low power consumption with less than 5Hz frame rate under idle mode. The 1.3-inch true circle NFC AMOLED panel supports data transaction distance of over 4cm and is suitable for POS systems, vending machines, and mobile payment systems that demand specific sensor areas for higher transaction security.

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