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Epson Taiwan Partners with Local Organizations to Create Smart Glasses AR Ecosystem

Published: Oct 05,2020

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Epson Taiwan Technology and Trading (“Epson Taiwan”) has today begun selling smart glasses optical engine modules worldwide for the first time, offering a world-class AR ecosystem to global consumers and providing a more complete way of working remotely during COVID-19.

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In line with the Seiko Epson Corporation’s “open innovation” business strategy established in 2019, Epson Taiwan has teamed up with the Taiwan Smart Glasses Industry Association (TSGIA), Jorjin Technologies and other partners to build a first-class AR sector in Taiwan that can be shared worldwide.

Jim Lu, President of Epson Taiwan said: “Taiwanese companies are at the cutting-edge of the smart glasses industry and are the best choice for companies and individuals requiring a complete AR solutions package. Epson is proud to be at the vanguard of offering this technology and providing a new way of experiencing AR. And, with COVID-19 such a serious issue around the world, now is the right time to help other regions and nations by building better tools that allow for safe and intelligent remote working.”

Taiwanese companies are leaders in hardware, software, sensing and design, making them the ideal global partners for AR innovation. Epson Taiwan, by working together with businesses that have their own core smart glasses technology, is developing a single point of contact and incubating a top-class AR environment.

The Jorjin J-Reality Series is the first line of smart glasses designed and manufactured using Epson’s optical engine. The range offers hardware features including a Si-OLED Micro-display that offers a crystal-clear image, an embedded display control circuit and motion sensors for amazing functionality.

Together, Epson, the TSGIA and other local partners are welcoming all brands and entrepreneurs from around the world to upgrade their technology, grow their business and create new value.

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