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AUO to Debut TFT Optical Fingerprint Sensor with World’s Highest Pixel Density

By Korbin Lan
Published: Apr 15,2021

(source: AUO)

HSINCHU, Taiwan – AUO announced that it will present a series of cutting-edge sensing technologies deriving from TFT technology in Touch Taiwan this time. For fingerprint scanning and sensing applications, AUO will showcase a TFT optical fingerprint sensor with the world’s highest pixel density of up to 1000PPI, the unique ultra-thin LTPS TFT optical fingerprint sensor module integrated under OLED panel with ultra-large sensing area, and the LCD panel with three-in-one integrated IC embedded fingerprint recognition, touch and display functions.

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In the exhibition, visitors can also look into other applications like the new NFC signal sensor and flexible plastic NFC tag fit for electronic equipment in the retail field, high resolution X-ray sensors using a-Si and LTPS (low temperature poly-silicon) process, respectively; and a flexible X-ray sensor for portable X-ray machine. A comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge sensing technologies will be presented to offer highly customized and flexible solutions to meet the application demands of various fields.

As the security control of money flows becomes increasingly strict, identity authentication relying on a single fingerprint reader is no longer sufficient. This time, AUO will present the unique ultra-thin LTPS TFT optical fingerprint sensing module, with a sensing area of up to 2.9-inch, integrated under OLED panel and a 6.4-inch LCD panel incorporating finger recognition, touch and display functions.

Besides the application of in-cell touch technology and a three-in-one integrated IC, the 6.4-inch LCD panel breaks through the limits when integrating CMOS image sensor structure to existing panels to offer a large customized sensing area of up to 50mm x 50mm. Both technologies support multi-finger authentication and are exceptionally ideal for financial transactions, as they can substantially improve the security of biometric recognition.

In the meantime, AUO will also demonstrate a TFT optical fingerprint sensor with the world’s highest pixel density up to 1000PPI, which can not only clearly recognize the fingerprints of delicate newborn baby fingers, but also detect the heartbeat through the slightest grayscale change of fingertip pulse to achieve a more accurate identity authentication and significantly improved security and anti-counterfeiting level.

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