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Metaverse and Silicon Photonic Push Optical Simulation Market Growing

By Korbin Lan
Published: Jul 08,2022

Ansys General Manager and Vice President John Lee

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Ansys, an engineering simulation software provider, said on the online media conference that the demand of optical simulation software is highly growing for the hot metaverse and silicon photonic applications. And Ansys is higher than industry’s average.

Ansys General Manager and Vice President John Lee said that the growth of optical simulation software reflects the high demand from the market. Currently, optical simulation software is mostly used in camera design, including AR and VR head mounted display or glasses of the metaverse applications.

In addition to metaverse applications, silicon photonics is also an important market for optical simulation. However, John Lee emphasized that silicon photonics is a kind of semiconductor technology in which not only optical quality needs to be taken care of but also heat and electromagnetic. In particular, heat can have a significant impact on the quality of silicon photonics. It is why a multi-physics simulation platform plays a key role in product development.

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