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MediaTek Ture Octa-Core Solution for Smart Devices

Published: Nov 04,2013

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Multi-tasking devices requires increased performance while creating greater power efficiency that can be achieved through an optimized multi-core technology. This means that multi-core processing capability is fast becoming an integral part of mobile SoC, resulting in the call for the upgrade to octa-core platforms.

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In order to meet this demand , MediaTek releases the first true, authentic octa-core SoC in a mobiles device, while leveraging its benefits and optimizing the system approach to the absolute maximum.

Unlike existing octa-core solutions in the market, which can only activate half of their CPU cores at once (Figure 1), MediaTek True Octa-Core allows for all eight of its cores to run simultaneously, offering the ultimate combination of performance and power-efficiency.(Figure 2)

Enhanced multi-tasking capabilities

By allowing tasks to run concurrently with the use of multiple different cores, MediaTek True Octa-Core intelligently allocates processing power to where it is needed, both on a per-application and per-task basis. With MediaTek True Octa-Core, users can enjoy heavy web downloading, hardcore gaming, high-quality premium video viewing or other types of rigorous multitasking without experiencing lag times or excessive battery consumption.

Improved current-application experiences

There are four key advantages of this solution:

1) Advanced web browsing: With the unique ability to allocate individual browser tabs to CPU cores, MediaTek True Octa-Core allows for a faster, more stable web browsing experiences.

2) Smoother user interfaces: With the ability to delegate user inputs to individual cores and render 3D effects more smoothly, the functionality and appearance of user interfaces in both applications and operating systems are significantly enhanced.

3) Superior gaming experiences: The advanced multi-threaded programming deployed in the MediaTek True Octa-Core, enables different sequences to be allocated to different cores, delivering enhanced video frame-rate processing and exceptionally low-latency gaming experiences.

4) Efficient video playback: When on decoding mode, the battery used for decoding HEVC (H.265) FHD video can be reduced by up to 18 percent compared to current quad-core solutions. While on display mode, MediaTek True Octa-Core provides users 20 percent more frames.

According to a recent exposure of the details, MediaTek true eight-core processor architecture MT6592, will use the 28nm process, HPM technology, the main operating frequency between the 1.7GHz-2.2GHz, and for the previous statement using the effective eight Cortex-A7 core component, the configuration ARM Mali450-MP4 (clocked at 700MHz) graphics module, and is equipped with 1MB L2 cache, and can be mapped to LPDDR3 666MHz memory specifications, the 13 million pixel camera lens, 1080P @ 30fps dynamic video or video playback, and supports H.264, HEVC, VP9 video decoding specifications.

Screen display specification will support 1080P resolution, communication module is integrated HSPA Rel.8, maximum transfer rate corresponds to 21Mbps or 5.76Mbps, while also integrating includes Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, Bluetooth, FM radio and GPS communication capabilities.

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