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Media Tek:Wireless Charging Product Available in 2014

Published: Nov 06,2013

Media Tek will embark on wireless charging market and unveil the related solution by end of next year, said Hsieh Ching-jiang, President of Media Tek, after demonstrating their willingness to enter into wearable computing device market.

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President Hsieh Ching-jiang said, Media Tek will not absent in the wearable computing technology and wireless charging market. Additionally, the new wireless charging product will be disclosed before end of next year.

Hsieh stressed, wireless interface is the nature of all human needs and the concept of wireless technology will continuously spread out to create more applicability in electronic devices, so has the touch technology changed the way of electronic device input. Thus the wireless-related market will be more optimistic as well as the development of wireless charging, he added.

He also emphasized that wireless interface will better meet customer needs and wireless charging will resolve the complicated charger standard for electronic products to use.

Media Tek will soonest unveil wireless charging solution by the end of next year, whereas it still needs time to build on the popularity due to the primary factor of software applications development.

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