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Winmate New Embedded Automation Controller Brings Automation to Electricity Systems

Published: Nov 14,2014

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Winmate's powerful embedded industrial automation controller, the IV7W-RK2U, maximizes electrical power efficiencies through rapid and reliable data collection and communication between power stations, high-voltage transmission lines, operations substations, and distribution lines.

The intelligent monitoring system ensures the customer's renewable energy requests are fulfilled efficiently. With its Intel Core i7-3520M 3.6GHz processor, and fanless, high-efficiency thermal design, the IV7W-RK2U rack server is an effective and powerful solution for a variety of industrial applications.

Available as a 2U industrial-grade rack mount chassis, it is ideal for server rooms and business information systems, and meets a wide range of performance and low-power consumption requirements.

The embedded RK2U system also integrates with Winmate's rugged handheld devices and tablets to streamline inspections. This is important for efficient monitoring of electricity and electrical towers. GPS and RFID reader-equipped handhelds can track an employee's location, send the information to the supervisor's mobile tablet at the control station who can then provide a tower-specific inspection checklist to the employee.

Winmate's rugged handhelds and mobile tablets also enable advanced data collection options and transmission. The IV7W-RK2U embedded system, rugged handhelds and mobile tablets provide an enterprise-ready solution efficient for smart grid monitoring, increased productivity, and speed of service.


- IEC 61850-3, IEC 60068-2-64, and IEC 60068-2-2 compliant

- Intel Core i7-3520M Max 3.6 GHz Processor

- Optional Front accessible 2.5" Drive Bay x by 2

- Fanless, high-efficiency thermal design with sealed construction

- Support TPM 1.2

- Support Dual 128GB SATA SSD

- Electroplated steel housing

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