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MegaChips Delivers High Quality Multimedia Converter IC with HDCP2.2 Protection

Published: Aug 09,2016

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MegaChips Corporation announced production shipments of the MCDP2900, an advanced audio-video converter, featuring unprecedented user experience features like HDR and HDCP2.2 repeater functions. The power-optimized converter facilitates secured transmission of 4K60Hz High Dynamic Range (HDR) content between personal, mobile, and consumer electronics through USB Type-C and other digital display interfaces.

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The MCDP2900 implements several inventive features defined in the latest DisplayPort1.4 specification including the translation of HDR metadata, parsing of VSC SDP to determine BT2020 colorimetry format and conversion of AVI InfoFrame to HDMI, thus staying compatible with current and forthcoming graphics adaptors.

In addition, MCDP2900 supports RGB to YCC color space conversion, Bit-depth expansion, Chroma downscaling and horizontal blanking expansion for accurate color and timing conversion between mobile PCs and installed TVs.

"The new converter adds to MegaChips' strong mix of DisplayPort products and enables us to offer even more advanced and versatile solutions to our customers," said Amir Sheikholeslami , VP, Business Development at MegaChips Technology America Corporation.

"The SoC was based on specific requirements from long standing customers who are known for their innovation and highest quality consumer solutions. We are eagerly anticipating the production launch of some of their products powered by the MCDP2900 later this quarter."

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