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HOLTEK New HT67F5652 IR Temperature Sensing MCU

Published: Feb 12,2018

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Holtek announced its new IR temperature sensing application specific MCU, the HT67F5652. This new device contains a fully integrated 24-bit Delta Sigma analog to digital converter and an operational amplifier making it suitable for use in many applications that require IR temperature sensing, such as ear thermometers, forehead thermometers and so on.

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The device includes a fully integrated low noise operational amplifier, an LCD driver, LDO, programmable gain amplifier and a 24-bit Delta Sigma analog to digital converter. With this high level of functional integration, the demand for external components is greatly reduced which will result in reduced manufacturing costs. With regard to additional system resources, the device includes 8Kx16 of Flash Program Memory, 512x8 of RAM Data Memory, 128x8 of true EEPROM, a UART interface and multiple Timer Modules.

The device is supplied in both 64-pin and 80-pin LQFP package types.