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HOLTEK New BP45F1132/1332 with up to 12V Withstand Voltage Single Cell Lithium Battery MCUs

Published: Dec 14,2020

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Holtek announced the release of its new handheld product charger management Flash MCUs, the BP45F1132 and BP45F1332. These two new devices have a withstand voltage of up to 12V and a constant charging current of up to 1000mA. The devices contain 2K×15 of Flash Program Memory, 128×8 of RAM and 32×8 of EEPROM.

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The devices have an operating voltage range of 2.2V~5.5V and up to 18 multi-function I/Os for maximum functionality. The integrated 12-bit A/D converter can select an internal reference voltage of 2.5V±1% and can be used together with the OPA to detect low current signals. By controlling the signal pulse width, the 8-bit PWM can be used to implement constant power control.

The integrated linear charger function, which has an input withstand voltage of up to 12V, can be software controlled to provide a constant current charging range of 200mA~1000mA. This function can automatically switch between trickle charge, constant current, constant voltage and recharge modes. The I/O outputs have a 4-level programmable current function which can directly drive LEDs without the need for current limiting resistors.

The BP45F1332 includes an internal integrated H-Bridge circuit which can directly drive brushed DC motors with a current of up to 2.1A. The BP45F1332 also has a full-range of protection functions including Over Current Protection (OCP), Output Short-circuit Protection (OSP) and Over Temperature Protection (OTP), etc.

With regard to packaging, the BP45F1132 is supplied in 16-pin NSOP-EP and 24-pin SSOP-EP/QFN(4mm×4mm) package types while the BP45F1332 is supplied in a 24-pin SSOP-EP package type.

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