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HOLTEK New HT32F5828 USB PDF Data Logger MCU

Published: Dec 28,2020

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Holtek announced the release of its new USB PDF data logger dedicated MCU, the Arm Cortex-M0+ core microcontroller HT32F5828. As the device operates with extremely low power consumption, it is suitable for various environmental data logging applications, such as temperature and humidity monitoring in cold chain transportation, refrigerated cabinets or warehouses, etc., in areas such as the food and medical industries.

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The HT32F5828 contains a 128K-byte Flash Program memory, a 16K-byte SRAM memory and has an operating voltage range of 1.65V~3.6V. The current consumption in the Power Down mode can be as low as 1.30μA, a low power feature which will result in increased battery life.

In addition, the device supports an LCD display capability of 33 SEGs × 8 COMs. The device is supplied in 48/64/80-pin LQFP package types. To implement PDF data logger application requirements, Holtek also provides dedicated libraries for PDF file generation and functions which also support multi-language development, PDF/A standard and encryption formats. These features come together to ensure the rapid generation of the required PDF file types.

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