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HOLTEK New HT66F2050/HT66F2040 High Functional Integration Low Pin Count MCU

Published: Jul 01,2021

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Holtek announces the release of its new high functionally integrated, low pin count Flash MCUs, the HT66F2050 and HT66F2040. The devices have a wide operating voltage range from 1.8V to 5.5V, a 1ms quick start function and small size QFN package types.

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In addition, these devices include a range of diversified communication interfaces, which can be used as a master MCU or a peripheral bridge connected MCU. These devices can be used in applications such as small household appliances, electric power tools, industrial control, smart wearable devices, transmitters and other related products.

The main difference between the HT66F2050 and HT66F2040 is in their Flash Program Memory capacity. Here the HT66F2050 has a capacity of 8K×16 while the HT66F2040 has a capacity of 4K×16. With the same peripheral functions, these two MCUs both include a 512×8 RAM, a 512×8 EEPROM, a 10-bit PTM and 16-bit CTM/STM, two comparator groups, an IAP function, a 12-bit A/D Converter, SPI/I²C/UART interfaces and a high-speed UART interface, as well as many other functions. The accuracy of the integrated oscillator can be up to 8MHz±1% and the accuracy of the A/D Converter reference voltage can be up to 1.2V±1%.

With regards to packaging, the devices are supplied in 8-pin SOP, 10-pin MSOP, 16-pin NSOP/QFN and 20-pin SSOP package types. These devices are fully pin compatible with the same package types for the HT66F002, HT66F003 and HT66F2030 devices.

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