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HOLTEK HT32 Series Conforms to the UL/IEC 60730-1 Class B Software Security Certification

Published: Aug 03,2021

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Holtek announced that its function library for the HT32F65xxx series of MCUs has obtained UL/IEC 60730-1 Class B motor control software security certification. By directly using this library, designers can quickly pass the motor controller UL/IEC 60730-1 Class B software security certification, resulting in greatly reduced software certification cycle times. This will allow users to focus more on their product development which will greatly reduce their product development cycle and certification time and provide significant resulting cost savings.

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Security certification is becoming an increasingly important requirement for motor products, in which motor controllers must obtain UL/IEC Class B 60730-1 security certification. Motor controllers require both hardware and software for their operation. The HT32F65xxx series of MCUs provides a UL/IEC 60730-1 Class B motor control software security certification library.

This library comprises a complete suite of MCU self-check programs which include motor over-speed protection, motor lock rotor protection and running temperature protection. The MCU self-check parameters and the motor operation protection parameters can be easily adjusted by only modifying the library parameter settings.

Motor control and running real-time monitoring mechanisms are compatible with the HT32F Series BLDC Motor Workshop and secondary development space is retained for users. Different peripheral settings and control can be added according to specific functional requirements. The additional UL/IEC 60730-1 Class B parameter display platform provides the production line with a means of quickly detecting the accuracy of the product parameters.

Holtek is willing to provide professional technical services to assist users to import the UL/IEC 60730-1 Class B motor control security certification.

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