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HOLTEK New HT45F0059 Low Power Continuous Heating Induction Cooker MCU

Published: Oct 11,2021

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With a focus in the induction cooker application area, Holtek announces the release of its new low power continuous heating induction cooker Flash MCU, the HT45F0059.

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This low power device ensures that induction cookers can generate a uniform and efficient heating source. The device includes an internal hardware frequency jittering function, which can effectively reduce the IGBT VCE back voltage and consequently reduce any generated electromagnetic interference - EMI. This will also reduce the cost of any required anti-electromagnetic interference components usually required when the induction cooker operates in a high power condition.

The device also includes an integrated IGBT drive circuit which can directly drive the IGBT, thus further reducing the number of required external components and reducing the PCB layout complexity.

Regarding other MCU resources, the device contains a 4K×16 Flash Program Memory, a 256×8 Data Memory and a 32×8 Data EEPROM. With regards to peripheral features, the device includes an I²C communication interface, a 9-bit Programmable Pulse Generator, four comparators, an Over Voltage Protection function and an Operational Amplifier with internal programmable gain. The device has a range of hardware protection mechanisms including surge protection, IGBT over-voltage protection and valley voltage detection etc. The device is supplied in a 16-pin NSOP package type.

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