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HOLTEK New HT6xL25x0A Low Power A/D MCU

Published: Nov 04,2022

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Holtek announced the release of its new Low Power MCUs, the A/D Flash HT66L2540A/HT66L2550A MCUs and the A/D Flash with LCD driver HT67L2540A/HT67L2550A MCUs. The new integrated high-accuracy and low-current oscillators, LIRC and LXT, when added to the four-stage flexible frequency convertor, MIRC, further reduces the 10/12-bit SAR type ADC conversion current. The combination of these features ensure that the devices are very suitable for use in a range of power sensitive products.

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The devices have excellent current consumption characteristics. When using the 32768Hz, the standby current is as low as 0.5μA at 3V, while the operating current is as low as 8μA at 3V. Additionally, the ADC conversion current with the slow clock source can be as low as 60μA at 3V. These characteristics provide enhanced solutions for low current applications which use disposable batteries or solar cells as their power source or for consumer products which utilise a passive power supply such as NFC, RF energy etc.

The HT6xL25x0A devices provide up to 8K×16 of Flash Program Memory, a 512×8 RAM and a 512×8 EEPROM. With regards to peripheral features, the devices include an 8-channel 10/12-bit SAR ADC, an internal temperature sensor, multi-function Timer Modules, flexible oscillator options as well as I²C/SPI/UART communication interfaces. The HT67L25x0A devices also include an integrated R/C type LCD driver which can drive up to a 128 pixel LCD display. The devices are supplied in wide range of available package types which range from 16-pin NSOP to 64-pin LQFP types.

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