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Datasheet-LP8755 Multi-Phase 6-Core Step-Down Converter

The LP8755 is designed to meet the power management requirements of the latest applications processors in mobile phones and similar portable applications. The device contains six step-down DC/DC converter cores, which are bundled together in a 6-phase buck converter. The device is fully controlled by a SmartReflex-compatible interface or an I2C-compatible serial interface.

The LP8755 focuses on high-efficiency, step-down conversion over a wide output current range. The step-down converter enters a low-power mode at light load for maximum efficiency. The regulator supports remote differential voltage sensing to compensate I*R drop between the regulator output and the load. A selectable spread spectrum mode reduces radiated emissions.

The protection features include short-circuit protection, current limits, output OVP, input OVP, UVLO, temperature warning, and shutdown functions. Several error flags are provided for status information of the IC. In addition, I2C read-back includes total load current and load current for each buck core: The LP8755 has the ability to sense current being delivered to the load without the addition of current sense resistors. During startup, the device controls the output slew rate to minimize output voltage overshoot and the inrush current.

  • Published: Mar 14,2014
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Publisher: Texas Insruments Taiwan Limited

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