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Winners of d&i awards: iSG’s Hot Swap Trayless Chassis

By Korbin Lan
Published: Jul 04,2015

In recent years there are some instances in which aesthetics and design breathe new life into old products. iSG Industrial is one example; however, iSG is unique in terms of their close attention to products’ details. Their products give people very positive first impressions, and people praise their products even more after coming into contact with them and using them.

As a manufacturer of industrial computer cases and other related equipment, iSG could be considered to be a company with a vivid personality. In addition to selling their own products, they have also done OEM/ODM work. Although they did not need to face end-consumers in this market, they have placed a great deal of importance on visual aesthetics and user experience in their products, and they have not lost out to terminal brand-name companies. This is all due to iSG team leader, founder, and CEO Kevin Wang’s commitment to aesthetics and design.

Figure 1 :   Prize winner: D395-3D35 3U Hot-Swap Trayless Chassis
Figure 1 : Prize winner: D395-3D35 3U Hot-Swap Trayless Chassis

The prize-winning product is the D395-3D35 3U Hot-Swap Trayless Chassis, and it is a type of trayless chassis, which can be inserted when it is hot. This type of chassis is equipped with a solid industrial design, and lightweight metals are used throughout the machine to make the rack. It is not only durable but also has high thermal performance. In addition, it features matching aqua blue and black coating, making the engine room have the appearance of a work of art.

“This product of machinery is made entirely out of aluminum alloy, and its trayless design provides optimum use performance for companies. In addition, the aqua blue panel on the front uses hair polishing, anodic coating color treatment, and finally diamond-shaped cooling vents,” said Kevin Wang.

At just age 37, Kevin Wang is actually a senior entrepreneur. When he was 15 years old attending high school in the United States, he began working part time in a shop’s warehouse, and after a few years he founded his own business, which specialized in manufacturing industrial computer chassis for a period of 12 years. Four years ago, he returned to Taiwan and founded iSG Industrial, which is in the same field of making chassis for industrial computers. However, he also went another step and integrated talent with Taiwanese design elements.

“Taiwan is like a Hub, where it is easy to link up different domains. In addition, Taiwanese suppliers have very high standards and can offer extremely high-quality manufacturing capabilities. Taiwan’s talent pool is also excellent,” said Kevin Wang.

He singles out the next product as an example. The product is a small-sized industrial computer chassis with 2U Micro ATX specifications. In order to create a special texture and alignment, its front bezel is specially made of wooden materials, which are from Changhua, Taiwan. Its unconventional design allows the cold and lifeless industrial computers to become machines with textured decorations that are also practically useful.

“There was a Japanese client who was extremely satisfied with the design. The clients not only placed purchasing orders but also even displayed it in their own shop,” said Kevin Wang proudly.

Figure 2 :   This small-sized industrial computer chassis with 2U Micro ATX specifications has a front bezel which is made of wooden materials.
Figure 2 : This small-sized industrial computer chassis with 2U Micro ATX specifications has a front bezel which is made of wooden materials.

This kind of commitment to aesthetics, art, and design is found in very few products; however, it is featured in all of iSG’s products. More importantly, they do not make flashy products that are impractical to use. They produce highly useable products from the very basic foundations, and put careful thought into each and every configuration and screw. Because of this commitment, their products even won over the good graces of the United States military for use in the harshest of conditions, where durability is of utmost importance.

Kevin Wang’s happiness at winning the d&I award is readily apparent. He stated that he was extremely happy to be able to win the approval of the judges. Moreover, he believes that winning the award will positively affect both the company’s image and product sales and also make clients and consumers have stronger faith in their products.

When talking about the company’s next step, Kevin Wang pointed out that they are definitely doing research and development for new products. They are currently in the process of doing it, and although it is for the same type of industrial computer cassis products, they will use completely different design ideas to make subversive products. “We thought of this design using lego toys,” he confided.

Innovation is like a miracle. Most people recognize its results; however, nobody knows how it happens. People can only make proper decisions and then pray that the best will happen. Just like how we cannot say with certainty what innovative product iSG will make next; we know that they will definitely make the right choices.

(TR/Phil Sweeney)

Figure 3
Figure 3

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