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The Gross Output of Semiconductor Industry Reaches a Record High

By Vincent Wang
Published: Aug 06,2014

TAIPEI, Taiwan — As the demand of mobile devices keep rising high, the Ministry of Economic Affairs forcasted that from January to May the gross output of semiconductor is NT$603 billion dollars, increased 14.2 percent year on year. The gross output of integrated circuit IC is NT$391.6 billion dollars, gone up 14.7 percent year on year, both reached a record high.

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The semiconductor industry in Taiwan mainly rely on export trading, the direct export trading rate is 74 percent, as well as the direct export trading of integrated circuit IC is more than 80 percent. As the demand of mobile devices remained high, the gross output of related business keep rising.

The gross output of foundry also increased 11.3 year on year. However, the price of DRAM also goes higher and higher with the view that the demand of mobile devices is a bull market. From January to May the gross output of DRAM is NT$61.5billion dollars, increased 56.9 percent year on year, which reached a record high, as well.

Moreover, according to MOEA, the gross export value of integrated circuit IC is $33.5billion dollars in the past half years, increased 11.9 percent year on year. China and Hong Kong occupied 53.4 percent the most, increased 18.3 percent year on year. Followed by Singapore, South Korea, and Japan.

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