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ALT LED Lighting Gets the US UL Certification

By Vincent Wang
Published: Mar 06,2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Aeon Lighting Technology, Inc. (ALT) is the first LED lighting company to transfer the technological know-hows of the server industry to LED lighting. The company has built the world first LED lighting MR16LED that can be used in a completely closed-type lamp, and it received the US UL closed-type lamp certification.

In the past, whenever LED lighting is put in a closed-type lamp, it will reduce its life resulted from stuffy air, so generally speaking, LED lighting products are not suggest to use in a closed-type lamp.

According to ALT, its ALTLED MR16 (GX5.3 lampstand) is not only suitable for using in closed-type lamp, but also passed the US UL certification, which was tested in a completely closed-type environment, and the solid capacitor and power components' temperature could work normally, its life reached to 30 thousand hours.

However, due to the heat radiation problem, there was no such a product existed in the market. Therefore, ALT's ALTLED MR16 can better the lighting quality and save more power so that it has more applications in the future.

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