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Taiwanese Firm Develops a High Performance LED Lightpaper

By Korbin Lan
Published: Apr 14,2015

Lumimodule LED Technology's new "Lightpaper"

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Lumimodule LED Technology(LLT), a Taiwanese LED technology provider, recently developed a new "Lightpaper" product featuring high lighting and radiating performance, which has been considered by three big international LED brands to go commercialization.

LLT overcame the problem of LED can not be evenly distributed over the surface with Flip-Chip process approach. Its lightpaper achieved better flexibility, can be thinned to 0.5mm, and be cropped by customizing size, not only emitting RGB light, also has good heat dissipation, and longer product life.

LLT pointed that Flip-Chip process can reduce product size, has good electrical conductivity, high brightness, widely used in the packaging process of high efficiency products. And LLT already has advanced LED Flip-Chip technology since 2002.

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