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Epson Smart Glasses BT-200 Aims at Establishing an Ecosystem

By Vincent Wang
Published: Jun 02,2015

Epson smart glasses BT-200 aims at establishing an ecosystem

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Smart glasses have a lot of applications and demonstrations at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015, one of which is BT-200, a pair of smart glasses from the projector giant Epson. Nevertheless, Taiwan Smart Glasses Alliance was formed under the cooperation between the Institute for Information Industry and Taiwanese smart glasses supply chains, ARPlanet Digital Technology Co., Senseye Optoelectronics Inc., and Brinno Incorporated, to name a few.

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David Hui, Vice General Manager of Epson Taiwan, stated that there are a lot of demands of smart glasses among B2B. For example, “Hands-free that without occupation by manual/Tablet will benefit the improvement in working efficiency, visibility of target by see-through, enough brightness and high image quality, high werability in a solid light weight and battery capacity for long usage.”

What’s more, David Hui pointed out that position and image capture by high performance sensors, providing exact information to visible target by AR, and easy insallation and application development are also the needs of smart glasses among B2B.

However, the most distinguishable and valuable part of BT-200 is that it has an app store MOVERIO with currently 40 apps available for downloading ranging from entertainment and educational purposes.

Besides, by using MOVERIO at working place such as maintenance and production, users can overlap images on to an object so that it is easy for workers to understand visibly. Compared to Tablets, users can confirm image by hands-free and can expect higher working efficiency.

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