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Everlight and Epistar Cooperate in IR LED Products

Published: Jun 22,2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan - According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan LED maker Everlight has partnered with Epistar, to develop infrared application, ready to enter the automotive market.

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Electromagnetic wavelengths of the infrared LED is between microwave and visible light with a wavelength of 760 nanometers (nm) to 1 millimeter (mm), a non-visible light with longer wavelength than red light. It can be used in military, industrial, scientific and medical applications, in the future, will also enter the field of network transmission.

Epistar indicated that the conversion efficiency of its infrared chips is the highest in the world. For its wider wavelength, can increase the range of IR applications compare to traditional chips, including biotechnology, fingerprint and retina recognition.

Everlight chairman Ye Yin Fu said that Taiwan LED industry must focus on high-potential niche products, and strengthen the differentiation of products between China, to break the existing boundary, for example, infrared LED, applications of infrared and ultraviolet UV products.

He stressed that Everlight is very good in the IR technology, especially in terms of power management and security control, currently has been working with Epistar to develop application-specific products.

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