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Increasing Demand for Handling the Harsher Conditions of LTPS Manufacturing Processes

Published: Sep 02,2015

Edwards Limited announced today that it is experiencing increased demand for systems designed to handle the harsher conditions of low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) manufacturing processes. Edwards sees the move to LTPS being driven primarily by consumer demand for higher resolution and lower power consumption in mobile device displays manufactured using G5.5 and G6 panels.

“Consumers want higher resolution and lower power consumption in battery powered mobile devices. FPD manufacturers are responding by moving from amorphous silicon to LTPS processes. These processes require more advanced vacuum and abatement solutions that can handle the harsher process gases and by-products,” states Charles Lee, Global Display, Solar and LED Sector Marketing Manager, Edwards.

“With more than 90 percent market share in the FPD chemical vapor deposition (CVD) market, and extensive experience with harsh processes used in semiconductor manufacturing, Edwards has the proven solutions and application expertise required to deal with handling solid process by-products and corrosive gases.”

According to Allister Watson, Senior Product Manager, Edwards, “Our customers need a reliable solution that involves high quality pumps, experienced application and technical support, and fast service. Many of our customers have stated that they selected Edwards as their ‘total solution provider’. We know how to optimize the pumps and abatement to minimize total cost of ownership, ensure safety, and reduce negative impact on the environment. The systems are configured specifically for each customer’s process requirements.”

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