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JPC Is Transforming into a CCDC Solution Provider

By Vincent Wang
Published: Dec 04,2015

Jessica Chang, left, JPC’s President with Joe Chen to announce the company’s transformation into CCDC solutions provider

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Jess-Link Products Co. (JPC), has long been viewed as a connector and cable provider, however, the company has changed its business strategy by transforming into Cloud Computing Data Communication (CCDC) solutions provider. The company’s President Jessica Chang said, “The percentage of our consumer electronics is expected to drop to less than 30 percent in 2016.”

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JPC held its investor conference in Taipei on Friday, hosted by Jessica Chang and the company’s CEO Joe Chen. Jessica Chang stated that the company has long and impressive history of success in OEM, ODM, and JDM business models. “However, in an attempt to catch up the new opportunities and go with the flow, we are transforming into Cloud Computing Data Communication (CCDC) solutions provider.”

In fact, Amazon is JPC’s very proud customer.

Jessica Chang cited that one of the unmistakable trends is that data center optics market to respond to content providers’ switch from 40G to 100G, “But 40G will still be our mainstream product and one of the growth drivers in 2016.”

Jessica Chang forecast sales of JPC’s cloud and data center products are expected to double to account for 70 percent of her company’s total revenues in the future, while the consumer electronics to occupy less than 30 percent to meet the company’s new business strategy.

Jessica Chang claimed that what makes her company so different from other connector and cable providers is ther R&D team. “Our R&D expenses are way higher compared to the same trade. JPC develop R&D, product designing ability and enhance manufacturing competitiveness to fulfill customer’s needs for product developing.”

In other words, JPC is now a professional consumer electronic products and components supplier specializing in the designing, developing, consolidating and marketing of connectors and components. “We not only own the core technology of the products and prominent research and development team, but furthermore, we connect and integrate the upper and bottom factories and provide customized 3C products and the OEM/ODM business model.” added Jessica Chang.

Apart from that, the company also provides designing and manufacturing outsourcing services to well-known international IA/PC companies and special outsourcing projects to big international distributors.

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