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Seoul Semiconductor Has Filed a Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Mouser Electronics in Germany

Published: Apr 12,2017

Seoul Semiconductor filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Germany in the District Court of Düsseldorf against Mouser Electronics asserting infringement of an LED patent.

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According to the complaint, the accused products include LEDs for high-power light emission. Further investigation suggests that the accused products from Mouser are manufactured by multiple LED companies, including Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., a global top-10 LED maker. In the lawsuit, Seoul has sought a permanent injunction, damages, and recall and destruction of the allegedly infringing products.

The asserted patented technology serves to efficiently extract light emitted from the internal LED structure by treating LED chip surfaces, thereby significantly improving light intensity and brightness. This patented technology has been widely used for various high-power LED applications, such as automobile lighting, cell phone flashlights, outdoor lighting, UV LED appliances, and others.

Beginning with this lawsuit, Seoul plans to actively defend its patent assets against infringing high-power LED technologies. Seoul has already identified infringements of other patents it possesses that relate to high-power LEDs and will be considering additional infringement lawsuits.

Ki-bum Nam, Vice President of the Lighting Business Department at Seoul Semiconductor, said, “The asserted patent is considered an essential technology for manufacturing high-power LEDs and has been widely used in various LED applications.” Nam added,

“However, there are many LED products currently on the market that infringe this patented technology, so we have decided to begin enforcing our patent rights in such cases. To create a fair market competition and promote technological innovation, we continuously take any and all actions necessary to deter such infringement and protect our intellectual property.”

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