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WiseChip Showcases Its New Flexible OLED Display and Transparent OLED at Display Week 2017

By Korbin Lan
Published: May 22,2017

WiseChip showcased its new 1.8-inch flexible PMOLED display product which equipped with the resolution of 160*32 pixel, the curvature of 40mm and 16 Gray Scales.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - To highlight the advantages of OLED display technology used in the innovative applications, Taiwanese PMOLED display solutions provider WiseChip Semiconductor will debut its latest PMOLED display solutions at the SID Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles, United States, including the 1.81-inch flexible display, full color OLED display, transparent OLED, round OLED and character display, to bring brand new perspective for medical and industrial control devices.

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2017 is the 30th anniversary of the OLED display since the first OLED Paper was released. As one of next generation display technologies, PMOLED display has features of high brightness, wide viewing angle, low power consumption and bendability, and has one prominent benefit of lower production cost compared with AMOLED technology.

With its free of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) advantage, PMOLED technology is more conducive to implement the innovative product design.

As a leading PMOLED display technology supplier WiseChip will showcase its 1.8-inch Flexible PMOLED Display product during the SID Week for the first time. The first exhibited product equipped with the resolution of 160*32 pixel, the curvature of 40mm and 16 Gray Scales, can be used in wearable devices and products with curved shape.

WiseChip will also showcase its full range of PMOLED display solutions, including full color OLED display, round OLED solution for smartwatch and transparent OLED which can be used as a Head Up Display (HUD) solution of automotive to bring better display quality and simpler structure design.

(WiseChip integrated its flexible PMOLED panel into insulation cup to display the temperature inside the cup. Even the type of beverage can be displayed on the screen.)

In addition, WiseChip will showcase its latest generation of OLED lighting product(Image 3), which is built with brand new design with more lightweight and thinner. Because of no extra cooling components and no special optical structure, the new OLED lighting product is very suitable for the application that using bottom lighting solution.

WiseChip Semiconductor will showcase its full range of OLED display at the Booth #212 during Display Week, May 23-25, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.

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