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Taiwanese LCD Manufacturer, CPT, Becomes Supplier for German Car

By Korbin Lan
Published: Jul 03,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwanese LDC manufacturer, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. (CPT) specializes in markets for small to medium sized LCDs and LCDs for use in automobiles, and they announced that for the first time this year they will be entering supply chains for front-line German automobile manufacturers and providing dashboard display panels.

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CPT has been operating in the automobile panel market for over ten years, and last year they reached their shipment goal of 13 million units in the automobile panel market in Mainland China with a global market share exceeding 10%.

Furthermore, in response to information display requirements for Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and smart-car related platforms, CPT is also developing large amounts of dashboard, center console, and rearview mirror application solutions.

CPT Chairman Mr.Wei-Shan Lin stated that this year their main efforts are in the dashboard display market, and the mainstream sizes are 10.25 inches and 12.3 inches for large-sized dashboard panel shipments with higher quality requirements. Last year CPT began deliveries of dashboard panels to automobile manufacturers in Mainland China, and this year they anticipate entering the supply chains for front-line German automobile manufacturers with mass production and shipments expected to commence in the fourth quarter.

Chairman Mr.Wei-Shan Lin also explained that CPT's car panel strategy for this year is mainly to increase the quality of their products rather than pursuing growth in the number of shipments. They also seek to increase shipments in the automotive premarket. Due to the long certification times in the automotive premarket, orders are more stable and profits are better.

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