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iST Becomes the VESA Authorized DisplayPort Lab

Published: Jul 10,2017

iST announced today that it has officially become a VESA authorized lab for test and certification of Displayport and DisplayPort over USB-C.

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The Display Port (DP) is a digital video interface standard, defined by the Video Electronic Standard Association (VESA). It becomes an alternative to HDMI and widely used for computer host and peripherals. Since VESA has closely linked to the IT industry, as a result, DP gradually becomes the major digital video interface standard for computer products.

Another development extends the scope of DP application; that is since the USB-IF defined Type C Alt mode, DP has become the first and most widely transmission interface of Type C Alt mode, which will dramatically increase DP’s market share of handheld devices. iST observed.

However, there also have certain difficulties in the early import of DP, especially during the training session of DP connection with different devices, the compatibility issues remain the same. While combining the Type C Alt mode, the complexity of tests increases, iST said.

As iST becomes a DP lab authorized by VESA, it is more than ready to assist

customers in R&D and getting certified.

iST indicated, products require DP tests including source device, such as DVD/HD/blue-ray player, set-top box, cable and satellite TV, PC; Sink device, such as HDTV, projector, and monitor; cable; MST(Multi-Stream Transport) and DP over USB-C device. Testing items include function test of physical layer, link layer, IoT and Type C.

Since 2014, iST established cable signal test lab, it soon became the ATC (Authorized Test Center) of Simplay Labs for HDMI/MHL testing in 2015. After iST entered in the OTA wireless signal test in 2016, it has become the first CTIA Authorized MIMO OTA lab (CATL, CTIA authorized Test Labs) in Taiwan and even Asia in 2017.

To proceed with developments, iST has been authorized by Simplay Labs specific to the testing and certification of HDMI Alt Mode for USB Type-C in this April. This time, less than one season, iST has become a VESA authorized lab for testing and certification of Displayport. All the above means iST has created an integrated testing method covering both cable and wireless signal needs, and is more than ready to assist customers in R&D and getting certified.

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