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Sharp Releases the World's First 8K-Compatible TVs in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Europe

Published: Aug 31,2017

Sharp Corporation announces the release of the AQUOS 8K Series of 8K-compatible TVs and displays, a world first. These products will be released in China in October, in Japan in December, in Taiwan in February 2018, and in Europe in March 2018.

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Sharp has been leading the industry by releasing 8K-related products in Japan. In October 2015, the company released an 85-inch 8K monitor using an 8K LCD panel, and the advanced wideband digital satellite broadcast receiver compatible with 8K ultra-high-definition (UHD) broadcasts in 2016, followed in June 2017 with the release of a 70-inch 8K monitor.

Sharp is also complementing its 8K TVs by accelerating development of 8K broadcast receivers, 8K cameras, and other 8K products to lead the world by establishing an 8K Ecosystem.

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