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E-Paper Turns to Public Displays, Fashion, and Architecture Applications

By Korbin Lan
Published: Oct 03,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The flexible and thin features of electronic paper have enabled it to jump out of the scope of traditional electronic tags and e-reader applications and be utilized in more large-scale applications while also manifesting its display characteristics in the development of large-sized applications. These applications include public displays, architecture, and fashion, all of which are beginning to have room for e-paper applications.

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At Touch Taiwan 2017, E ink showcased large amounts of display capabilities of e-paper in new and emerging domains, especially in their Prism products. These products are mainly geared towards use in large-scale public spaces and building decorations where their light and flexible characteristics are put to use and they can be easily integrated into a wide variety of interior designs.

However, E ink has even more imaginative ideas for this technology, and the company will also utilize Prism products in fashion industries which include clothing and shoes. In addition, at the exhibition they attracted large numbers of viewers and subverted people's stereotypical impressions of e-paper.

On the other hand, the functionality of e-paper for e-reader devices is also gradually being refined, and as the pace of updates continues to increase, e-paper no longer has the past shortcoming of lagging displays and is approaching the perfection of a paper reading experience.

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