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ITRI’s Tech Showcase in AI Applications Shines at CES 2018

Published: Jan 10,2018

HSINCHU, Taiwan - The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan’s largest high-tech applied research institutions, demonstrated its cutting-edge R&D achievements in AI Applications at CES 2018, Las Vegas, attracting considerable attention from visitors.

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“We are excited to display our cross-disciplinary innovations at CES’ AI Marketplace this year,” said ITRI Executive Vice President Dr. C.T. Liu. “This is a phenomenal opportunity for ITRI to showcase to the world its efforts in hardware-software integration and intelligent system development.” Dr. Liu stressed that ITRI’s technological advancements are expected to assist industry in digital transformation and extend Taiwan’s strengths in manufacturing to forge differentiated AI-enabled services.

Brian Moon, Vice President, International Sales at Consumer Technology Association, welcomed ITRI’s presence at CES. “We want to focus on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketplace because it is such an important and emerging category for CES, so we want to have special attention and we thank ITRI for being a part of the first ever AI Marketplace at CES,” said Moon. He also congratulated ITRI on its two CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honorees, indicating that they are among the coolest and most innovative products selected by external judges such as engineers and designers from hundreds of applications.

ABC News journalist Rebecca Jarvis was excited about her Scrabble-playing with ITRI’s IVS robot and impressed with its performance of gripping, moving and interacting with the letter cubes with extreme precision. Dave Lee, BBC News North America technology reporter, considered ITRI’s IVS robot the most interesting exhibit among robotic and AI applications at CES 2018. He conducted a live broadcast on Facebook, inviting viewers to comment and provide word suggestions. The video has attracted over 100 thousand views and amusing online engagement.

ITRI’s IVS robot has drawn numerous CES visitors to play Scrabble at ITRI’s booth, including 2017 North American SCRABBLE Champion Will Anderson and Co-President of North American SCRABBLE® Players Association John Chew, generating a great deal of attention and interaction on the site.

Besides the Intelligent Vision System for Companion Robots that can interpret the visual world and learn from experience, ITRI also showcased the Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector for washing fruits and vegetables; DeepLook, a cloud-based video analytics technology to track stolen vehicles or monitor tailgating; RAIBA (Reconfigurable Array of Inexpensive Batteries Architecture), an intelligent battery system that reconfigures a battery array to suit specific load requirements; and STOBA (Self-Terminated Oligomer with Hyper-Branched Architecture), a safety material that prevents lithium-ion battery explosion.

Other exhibits include Genki Bot, which recommends the best sleep environment parameters for individual users; ITRI MusicAI, which enables automatic music composition; LIM-3D, a multi-layer 3D antenna technology; Optical Camera Communications (OCC) technology, which utilizes LEDs and smartphone camera to achieve visible light communications. All of these breakthroughs are the result of cross-disciplinary cooperation, providing comprehensive smart solutions needed by industry and demonstrating ITRI’s commitment to enhancing industrial value.

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