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iST Signs MoU with DEKRA on the Cooperation for Wi-Fi and IoT-related Services

Published: Mar 09,2018

iST, the market leader in electronics product verification and analysis service, has a great step forward on the cooperation with DEKRA, the world leading expert organization in safety testing and inspection. iST announced today (9th March), the two parties will be focusing on Wi-Fi and IoT-related Services by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop the world-class leading verification and certification capacity.

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Recently, DEKRA has opened a Wi-Fi laboratory in Shenzhen, and it has been authorized by the Wi-Fi Alliance® and become the ATL (Authorized Test Laboratories) which is entitled to perform Wi-Fi test for certification and logo application for customers.

The MoU between iST and DEKRA underscores a comprehensive Wi-Fi services on IoT over 3C mobile will be activated by these two parties, which means in the future, the up, the middle and the downstream manufacturers of 3C mobile devices can apply the pre-test, debugging, compatibility test, customized test and even the certification logo on Wi-Fi through either iST or DEKRA.

iST observed, the range of IoT application is wide, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, BT, Lora, NFC and EMvco. However, Wi-Fi is the most common wireless transmission technology used by family and individuals and suitable for the embedded IoT designs especially after the optimization of 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

In light of this, this cooperation between iST and DEKRA will be focusing on Wi-Fi service for its potential to drive forward a huge IoT demands. iST will not only introduce the customized Wi-Fi performance test, but also provide the professional wireless system testing plan; while DEKRA will provide the related logo application service for customers. The services both parties provide are not limited to Wi-Fi but expanding to Bluetooth、Zigbee、BT、Lora、NFC、EMvco.

Since the first cooperation of establishing a joint venture, DEKRA iST in 2015. iST and DEKRA have received an excellent performance by the partnership on reliability and automotive verification. With iST and DEKRA’s second cooperation on Wi-Fi and the IoT-related services, the two leading companies believe that this cross-border co-operation will bring a win-win situation for both parties in the future.

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