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Xin-Ye Gold Establishes World’s First Eco-Friendly Gold-Stripping Mass Production Facilities

By Korbin Lan
Published: Oct 24,2018

From the standpoint of yields, the Philippines is currently the world’s biggest supplier of nickel ore, and it also a major country in the production of copper and gold. The overall export value of the mining industry is as high as US$4 billion, making the mining industry a source of major economic dependence.

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XINYE Gold Establishes World’s First Eco-Friendly Gold-Stripping Mass Production Facilities

From the standpoint of yields, the Philippines is currently the world’s biggest supplier of nickel ore, and it also a major country in the production of copper and gold...

Nevertheless, in order to develop the mining industry, the Philippines pays huge social costs, especially due to open pit mining and the use of cyanide refining materials. They not only cause irrecoverable harm to the environment, but also cause harm to miners’ health and loss of life that is difficult to quantify financially.

Viewing the damage caused by improper mining methods to the natural environment while also seeking to improve the health risks that miners face, the Philippines government is using public power to mandate that the mining industry improve their mining methods.

The GP-860 Eco-Friendly Gold-Stripping Solution’s Automated Equipment – A Cyanide-Free Procedure

In order to assist the Philipines’ mining industry improve the safety and efficiency of their gold smelting, XINYE Gold is currently establishing an environmentally-friendly gold stripping demonstration zone in the Philippines which uses safe and non-toxic technologies and procedures to the carry out the smelting of gold. This solution not only has the capability of dramatically increasing smelting efficiency but simultaneously reduces danger to miners and the environment.

The environmentally-friendly gold stripping demonstration zone is located in Valenzuela, Metro Manila in the Philippines. According to Xinye Gold’s data, the demonstration zone has a maximum daily production capacity of approximately twelve tons of ore. The gold output depends on the gold content of the ore; however, in general, approximately 500 grams of gold can be produced daily.

Xinye explained that traditional gold mining uses human labor to carry out the cleaning and screening of ore and then uses cyanide to separate out the gold. In addition to being time-consuming and inefficient, the overall process also exposes miners to dangerous conditions. Furthermore, the use of cyanide is also extremely harmful to the natural environment; therefore, these methods are damaging to people and generally unfavorable.

Unlike traditional gold mining procedures, Xinye Gold makes use of their patented GP-860 eco-friendly gold stripping solution, which makes use of automated processes and equipment. Furthermore, no cyanide is used during the course of these processes. Their patented gold stripping presciption, GP-860, which is harmless to humans, is utilized to carry out gold separation.

Xinye also pointed out that the additive used in their GP-860 eco-friendly automated green gold stripping solution is a type of neutral liquid (PH 7.2) which can come into direct contact with the human body and will not cause harm to the natural environment. All in all, it is a safe and eco-friendly green gold stripping solution.

A Single Metal Stripping Procedure Only Takes 8 Hours, Increasing Production Capacity by Over 900%

Even more importantly, through the integration of eco-friendly green metal stripping and automated equipment, Xinye only requires eight hours to complete a single gold stripping procedure; whereas traditional gold stripping methods require three to five days before a single procedure can be completed. Therefore, in terms of time estimates for mass production, Xinye’s solution increases production capacity by approximately 900%.

Xinye emphasized that their automated patented gold stripping equipment is the world’s first eco-friendly automated mass production equipment for gold smelting. Even more innovative is their “same day gold smelting, same day obtaining gold” world initiative which has broken the record of three to five days that would be ordinarily required for the same procedure using traditional smelting. More importantly, it has alleviated the environmental pollution problems caused by waste soil and waste liquid discharge.

In terms of metal smelting benefits, the use of Xinye’s GP-860 solution can produce gold with a purity of 99.9% with no further purification required. Traditional procedures which utilize human labor and cyanide can only refine gold with a purity ratio of 85% at most, and if an additional step of purification is undertaken, it will entail an additional refining procedure. In addition, the GP-860 solution can yield a purity level of over 98% for sulfide coated gold ore.

A 15% Cost Reduction from Traditional Ore Refining Methods

In addition to having advantages in terms of processing speeds and refining purity, the GP-860 is also superior to traditional mining methods in terms of cost. Xinye pointed out that if the costs for required chemicals and nitric acid as well as other production costs are deducted, the cost per ton of ore refining using the GP-860 is approximately US$214.7; whereas the cost using traditional methods is US$255. Consequently, the GP-860 not only yields higher purity, but also reduces costs by 15%.

Although Xinye Gold has created the world’s first eco-friendly gold stripping automated factory zone in the Philippines, to date over 80% of the mining areas worldwide make use of cyanide to refine gold and continue to bring harm to the global ecosystem and humanity. Therefore, these mining areas should make some changes in order to maintain environmental sustainability.

Xinye emphasized that environmental protection, rapid efficiency, and high purity are the main advantages of the GP-860 eco-friendly patented gold smelting solution. However, they also anticipate that these advantages will bring about safer working environments for employees in the mining industry as well as cost-effective production methods for gold smelting companies. At the same time, they also aspire to assist governments in the implementation of environmental protection policies to increase the love of the earth and leave a beautiful future for future generations.

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