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Taiwan-Thailand Medical Technology Collaborating Center to Ease the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: May 03,2020

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has been promoting the New Southbound Policy and funding local institutions to establish “Science and Technology Innovation Center (STIC).” MOST subsidized Pingtung Christian Hospital to establish the Taiwan-Thailand Medical Tech., Science & Humanities Development Center.

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The Center integrates resources from South and Southeast Asian countries and provides several millions of medical supplies to the U.S. and Europe. Cooperating with the Taiwanese corporations in Thailand and Vietnam, the Center utilizes Made-in-Taiwan products to facilitate the supply and demand chain for medical goods and services through free trade and financial platforms in


The foundation of the integration of the medical supply chain during the coronavirus outbreak is to combine Taiwan's medical advantages and resources from Europe and North America to assist medical talent training and health system development in Southeast Asia. Now, as the western countries are facing the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Health Asia Company, established by the Center, promotes the cooperation between Southeast Asian countries to help the west in order to construct their medical supply chain.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the team formed by Pingtung Christian Hospital and Healthy Asia Corporation under Dr. S.S. Fang's leadership decided to stay in Phnom Penh to assist Cambodia fighting against the virus, and to take care of overseas Taiwaneses. By delivering medicine packs via smart medical platforms in Taiwan and adopting distance medical management devices, the team successfully reduced the demand for in-person clinical visits, and thereby eased the burden of the healthcare system and people's unnecessary panic.

With the support of the district executive, Mr. Fang Ho-Sheng, the Taipei office of the Center in Chung-Ching district built a community pandemic prevention network and created measurement of physiological signals and cloud monitoring solutions. Concurrently, the Center extended the Chung-Ching district project to Jin-yue village of Nan-au Township in Yi-Lan County.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Center paused all planned activities with Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. The Healthy Asia Corporation linked up with the Taiwanese licensed medical equipment and medicine traders in Cambodia, formulating a Taiwan-centered supply chain. By utilizing the network in Cambodia, Healthy Asia Corporation built up the connection between Taiwanese overseas business communities to create an information exchange center between Cambodia, Macau and Taiwan.

The Center successfully forged a supply and demand chain, playing a critical role in coordination and quality control. Accomplishing the exports of medical supplies to Europe, the U.S. and several Southeast Asian countries, the Center successfully integrated Taiwan’s medical advantages into the supply chain.

Through domestic and international experience exchange and resource integration, the Center facilitated the mechanism of Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries in assisting the west. In the era of post-coronavirus, under the transformation of the global production industry, Cambodia is an emerging country with potential. Therefore, the Center will continue to cooperate with the industry, government and academia of Southeast Asian countries and use the strength of Taiwan's medical, information and communication technology to extend the national demonstration base to Cambodia, helping Cambodia to upgrade technology and strengthen talent training.

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