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AUO Partners with NHRI to Release an Innovative Smart System for Comprehensive Senior Healthcare

Published: Nov 03,2020

HSINCHU, Taiwan – The trend of an aging society in recent years has driven the increasing demand for smart healthcare. AUO, specializing in the general health industry, teams up with NHRI (National Health Research Institutes) to join “The Cares 2020” for the first time. Focusing on the cloud ERP system, AUO has developed a series of smart healthcare solutions as well as released a dedicated AUO Care Smart Healthcare System for residential facilities to contribute to an ageing society.

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“AUO is committed to supporting the senior care industry by using innovative technologies to upgrade healthcare quality and improve operating efficiency. It is AUO’s great honor to work with NHRI this time. We integrated the system applied to institutional operations with the NHRI daycare and home healthcare systems not only to generate consistent information of LTC system, but also support the digital transformation of institutions,” said Andy Yang, AUO’s Vice President of Strategic Investment & New Business Operations.

“AUO and NHRI are dedicated to different, yet complimentary professional R&D fields. We look forward to working with AUO again in the future to achieve an aggregation of multiple and multifaceted health data, implement continuing care and ensure the health of seniors,” said Dr. Chao A. Hsiung, Distinguished Investigator of the Institute of Population Health Sciences, NHRI.

Jointly developed by AUO and NHRI, the AUO Care Smart Healthcare System can automatically create the healthcare plan. Big data analysis and a continuing care system become possible by various digitized professional worksheets and processes as well as connecting to NHRI's LTC resource cloud platform to record the data of different stages of the seniors. A subscription based on SaaS structure also minimizes the barrier of institution digital transformation.

AUO will showcase two main topics in the senior healthcare fields, including “Safety Guard” and “Health Promotion". Based on IoT technology, the safety guard platform integrates sensors of fall detection, positioning, emergency call and smart mattress. The fall detection technology incorporating AI algorithm is released for the first time; it can push the instant notification to back stage and mobile phone when the elderly falls to ensure his/her safety. The health management platform advocates an activated health management based on exercises. From the assessment/plan, exercise execution, review and adjustment, to physical fitness and health trend review, a personal cycle is formed to foster new concepts in senior healthcare and staying healthy through exercises.

In “Health Technology Industry Development Forum” of The Cares 2020, Andy Yang, AUO’s Vice President of Strategic Investment & New Business Operations, has also been invited to deliver a speech focusing on the analysis of the current healthcare service industry in Taiwan. Based on ERP, AUO provides process management of both healthcare and operations management to help institutions of different types or industries to achieve digital transformation.

In recent years, AUO has proactively engaged in the senior markets in China and Taiwan. AUO is the first in the industry to have implemented the smart LTC system to the Shuang-Lien Elderly Center, Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) established by the China Railway Group and the eldercare group under Ping An Insurance. This time, AUO partners with NHRI to develop the new AUO Care Smart Healthcare System with enhanced software and hardware capabilities. A branded and capitalized LTC industry with chain store operations is a predictable trend in the future and the demand for smart management will also grow rapidly.

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