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New LED Driver IC HT7963 for TV Backlight and Lighting Applications

Published: Oct 13,2015

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Aimed squarely at the backlight application area, Holtek has successfully released a series of white light LED driver devices. Adding to this, Holtek is now delighted to announce the release of a new driver device for serially connected LEDs, the HT7963, a device which can be used for large size LED backlight and lighting applications.

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The device includes a PWM dimming function, providing excellent linear dimming control for LED backlight and LED lighting. The overall output current is setup using an external resistor, allowing an LED current accuracy of up to ±3%.

The device provides a 14V high voltage output to drive external MOSFETs, which improves the overall efficiency and generates a higher output voltage to drive more LEDs in series. Series connection of LEDs provides constant identical LED currents resulting in uniform brightness.

The device also has a full array of protection function including over-temperature and over-current protection, under voltage lockout as well as LED open-circuit and short -circuit protection. It also includes an over-voltage protection function which can be adjusted using an external resistor, providing better flexibility with regard to multiple LED string number designs.

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