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HD-DMB TCC5700 Chipset with Hardwired HEVC Decoder

Published: Sep 10,2016

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Telechips announced HD (High-Definition) DMB TCC5700 chipset which will be launched in the end of September. Telechips minimizes thermal characteristics of the HD-DMB chipset by reducing CPU load with hardwired HEVC (H.265) decoder embedded on the TCC5700 chipset.

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To meet increasing demands of HD-DMB, Telechips unveils HD-DMB TCC5700 chipset applied full modules through collaboration with renowned domestic module companies. DMB device manufacturers will be able to upgrade devices to HD-DMB capable devices by connecting the full module.

Also, this HD-DMB TCC5700 chipset allows manufacturers to enter HD-DMB market at lower costs with ease by integrating HD-DMB CAS to the chipset in advance.

“There have been lots of burdens for manufacturers to meet such increasing demands for better resolution broadcasting such as HD-DMB.” said Yong Kwon Lee, VP of Telechips Marketing, “Telechips is proud to provide manufacturers with efficient solutions lessening development time and cost.