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Toshiba New General Purpose Multi-Output System Power IC

Published: Dec 02,2016

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Toshiba Corporation's Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today launched "TC7739FTG,” a general purpose, multi-output system power IC equipped with DC-DC power supplies and serialized regulators. Mass production will start at the end of this month.

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As tablets and other mobile devices boost processing speeds, they require power supplies for low voltages and large current drives. They also require multi-application power supplies, and must also reduce noise to compensate for downsizing of PCBs.

Toshiba’s new multi-output system power IC offers a high efficiency, large current drive with 2-ch DC-DC converters, 4-ch serialized regulators for noise reduction, and 1-ch load switch. Each DC-DC converter drives with a different oscillation frequency, reducing the switching noise peak. The ability to change output voltage and the rising sequence through the I2C bus ensures the IC can support diverse applications.

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