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Portwell Announces Highly Composable IoT Gateway - XM-1

Published: Apr 18,2017

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Portwell empowering the Internet of Things (IoT) with intelligent gateways and edge devices, announces XM-1, the first IoT gateway to feature international patents of highly composable structure. XM-1 satisfies customers’ requests for an IoT gateway solution that can meet the requirements emerging from an extensive range of IoT applications.

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With the modularized design of XM-1, system integrators can select and “insert” the communication module/s based on “actual” application needs and requirements instead of preparing several different hardware gateways.

For example, intelligent agriculture can utilize LoRa long range, low power wireless technology for collecting data, plus LTE (Long-Term Evolution) high-speed wireless communication to connect to the cloud.

In other cases, the system integrator might be required to choose to adopt Wi-Fi instead of LTE, and accordingly the LTE module could be exchanged with a Wi-Fi module swiftly and easily. Portwell’s agile XM-1 modularized IoT gateway not only helps save costs, but also provides remarkable flexibility for unlimited IoT deployments within an evolving IoT world.


• Modularization mechanism with patents

• All the communication modules can be hot-plugged on-site without removing the system chassis

• Supports four different communication technologies: ZigBee, LoRa, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/LTE (optional)

• Two board choices: ARM processor-based (more power saving) and X86 processor-based (high computing power)

• Integration of conventional communications: RS232/422/485 (optional)

• 4-port Ethernet Switch (optional)

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