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Portwell Anniunces New COM Express 3.0 Evaluation Board with 10GbE Solutions

Published: Jun 28,2018

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Portwell announces the launch of PCOM-C700, Type 7 COM Express carrier board in its COM Express portfolio. At a mere 304.8mm x 243.8mm (12˝ x 9.6˝), the carrier board-compliant PICMG COM Express 3.0 integrates the new Type 7 pinout type for a new generation design based on ATX form factor. PCOM-C700 features 4x 10GbE, NC-SI interface, up to 32 PCIe lanes, console redirect, BMC, SATA interfaces and TPM socket.

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Portwell’s new PCOM-C700 enables the most cost-efficient testing for design and performance upgrades across all existing and new generations of COM Express module-based products. The company provides technical documentation for its COM Express modules, carrier boards, starter kits, design guides and circuit schematics. Improving their performance and energy efficiency by using a server-grade platform, operators can execute upgrades simply by exchanging standardized modules instead of complete and costly server motherboards. Module-based solutions such as Portwell’s PCOM-B700 are particularly beneficial for cloud computing and edge servers, as well as any kind of data center servers tasked with delivering improved performance system at lower prices.

“In embedded applications, customers face the challenge to constantly manage more projects within a given or even shorter time frame,” says Frederic Wang, Portwell director of product management. “This leads to massive time pressures for executing each project. Portwell Type 7 modules can improve the design efficiency of a variety of embedded and IoT server designs in harsh industrial environments, where space is restricted, and dedicated high-bandwidth interfaces to connect the various controls in industrial automation and control systems,” Wang confirms.

Portwell’s COM Express Type 7 module portfolio offer customers an opportunity to evaluate the latest generation of modular-based computing designs. These designs offer server-grade performance and functionality powered by Intel Xeon D processors as well as 4x 10 GbE. The COM Express Type 7 carrier offers a complete set of standard interfaces, minimizing installation efforts for Portwell Type 7 modules.

“We also offer a carrier reference design to customers in order to reduce development costs, design time and ensure a faster time-to-market for new products,” Wang adds.

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