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STUDER Introduces 360-degree Solution for Onternal Cylindrical Grinding

Published: May 27,2019

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It was 1933 when the first internal cylindrical grinding machine, Type 01, left the premises of Fritz Studer AG. 85 years later STUDER offers what is probably the world's largest portfolio in internal cylindrical grinding, with a range of 12 machines.

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Kptec Components GmbH from Schorndorf (Germany) is a component manufacturer for the machine tool industry. The focus is on spindles, rotors, spindle housings, draw rods and flange parts. The core competence is grinding. "Achieving micrometer precision in series is the great challenge in grinding", states Walter Wiedenhöfer, Managing Director of Kptec Components. In the manufacture of spindle components, coaxialities of one micrometer are state-of-the-art. It is often necessary to grind an H6 fit into bores up to 400 mm deep for the clamping mechanisms of the interface.

In addition, the machine must produce as economically as possible. In other words: You should only pick up the component once and then produce it completely, if possible. But a good machine must also be flexible and capable of performing unusual operations, such as relief grinding of a spindle, for instance. A machine that fulfils such requirements is the S151 universal internal cylindrical grinding machine. When fully equipped, it has three internal and one external grinding spindle, as well as a measuring probe. Kptec was convinced by it.

Today, Wiedenhöfer comments: "This machine is the best we have in the company – it was absolutely the right decision to buy a STUDER machine.

STUDER has the right machine for every requirement in internal cylindrical grinding. In the universal range these are the S121, S131, S141 and the S151. The affordable universal S121 is the ideal ma-chine for internal, surface and external grinding of chuck components. The S131, S141 and S151 form a series for every conceivable application in internal cylindrical grinding.

They are used wherever the highest precision and efficiency are required – for example, for flange parts, spindle shafts, spindle housings, rotor shafts, bushes and much more. The maximum work-piece weight is 250 kg, and the maximum length is 1300 mm.

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