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Datasheet-DUSLIC-xT:Lantiq‘s Next Generation Voice CPE Solution

The DUSLIC-xT1 and DUSLIC-xT2 line interface solution combine analog codec and high voltage SLICs in a single package with reduced footprint. This unmatched fl exibility and performance enables CPE Voice applications with optimized design and cost.

The DUSLIC-xT is the most recent addition to Lantiq ́s mature and fi eld-proven Voice CPE product line. PIN-to-PIN compatible 1 and 2 channel solutions enable customer to design a single hardware on basis of 2-layer design. Compared to other available devices, DUSLIC-xT offers full

CO grade transmission performance (concerning ringing, feeding, DTMF generation & detection, and Caller-ID) with an industrial temperature range. DUSLIC-xT also supports industry standard (GR-909) line test requirements and additional unique tests such as electronic ring detection to validate lines that have no handset attached.

  • Published: Apr 29,2014
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