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Datasheet-MCP19114/5:Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Synchronous Low-Side PWM Controller

The MCP19115 is a mid-voltage (4.5-42V) analog-based PWM controller with an integrated 8-bit PICTM Microcontroller. This unique product family combines the performance of a high-speed analog solution, including high-efficiency and fast transient response, with the configurability and communication interface of a digital solution. Combining these solution types creates a new family of devices that maximizes the strengths of each technology to create a more cost-effective, configurable, high-performance power conversion solution.

Please Note: MCP19115 is functionally equivalent to our MCP19114, however the MCP19115 offers more GPIO. The MCP19114 and MCP19115 development tools, including both hardware and software tools, provide a convenient and powerful development platform upon which to develop and evaluate your Boost and Buck/Boost power supply design.

  • Published: Apr 29,2014
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Publisher: Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip is the Embedded Control Solutions Company (Embedded Control System Solutions
Division), its products mainly meet the needs of embedded control markets.
‧ 8-bit universal single-chip (PICMicro single chip)
‧ Special and standard non-volatile memory body
‧ Security device (KeeloQ)
‧ special standard product

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