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Sensors for smartphones Are Hot Selling Items

By 籃貫銘
Published: Nov 01,2016


Maybe too Early for Robots to Step into Service Industry

(圖一) Hiwin technology showcased a service robot which can interact with people. Taiwan’s industrial automation equipment suppliers are expanding their market scope by trying to step into service industry. These companies plan to provide service robots to the banks, supermarkets, hospitals and retail stores helping them from take care of basic information providing services and heavy physical manual work...

Sharp May Turn Into Something Good and Exciting

Sharp is going to hold another smartphone product announcement this week in Taiwan, which is its third smartphone product releasing since this Japanese tech giant acquired by Foxconn, and this one will be a brand new product- Sharp Z2, which rumored MediaTeK processor equipped smartphone...

Should TSMC Worry About Intel Cooperating with ARM?

Many people had asked Morris Chang, the chairman of TSMC, that how does TSMC compete with other world leading semiconductor firms in the ICs foundry business? The wise, humor and all-time leader of TSMC always given they the same answer, “We are foundry”...

The Most Difficult Accomplishment of Pokemon GO

(圖一) “Pokemon GO” on August 6 hit the market in Taiwan. TAIPEI, Taiwan - “Pokemon GO” on August 6 hit the market in Taiwan, and just like it heats mobile phones processing temperature up, Pokemon GO became as hot an item as the temperature in Taiwan...

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