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Earthquake Hit Taiwan, Tech-Industry:We OK

Published: Nov 01,2013

Thursday 20:02 , Hualien, Taiwan experienced a magnitude 6.3 earthquake , and caused several cases of accidents, but no major casualties came . In Taiwan 's high-tech production lines , though short stoppages for several hours, but have been gradually return to work , including AUO , TSMC and Hon Hai , are issued a statement that production is not affected.

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The quake 's epicenter is located in Taiwan Hualien County , the largest quake reached 6.3 on the Richter scale , the smallest quake in Taiwan has reached 3 , causing public panic , but fortunately did not Taiwan's technological production line impact .

TSMC said production was not affected. Fab 5, Fab 8 and Fab 12, was briefly evacuated staff, but have to return to work ; Hon Hai said the company everything is normal.

AU Optronics said that all plant personnel safety, proper functioning , most production lines are not affected, only a small number of production lines to be assessed , but has gradually resumed .

Most affected is Taiwan DRAM makers , Nanya and Inotera Yellow Zone stoppage 12 hours due to the earthquake , the production line was interrupted , is expected to resume operation on Friday 8:00 , but related impact still being assessed . Because downtime reasons, DRAM supply shortage will be further .

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